Where Human Aspirations Meet Ethical Innovation


The Minds Behind The Mission

Meet Jess
& wilco

In the bustling startup hubs of Europe, Jessi and Wilco saw a gap. They envisioned DEVO as a bridge between potential and success, a nexus for startups, mentors, investors, and enthusiasts.

Our mission is to empower visionary minds with the tools and resources they need to transform ideas into thriving businesses. Our vision?

To power a million visions, one grind at a time.

More Than a Platform, A Philosophy

The Ethical
Behind DEVO

Born from a deep concern for the world’s injustices, DEVO is committed to creating a safe habitat for visions to grow. We’re not just another business platform; we’re a human-centric ecosystem operating under a strong ethical framework.

Step Into Our Discord Community

Beyond the DEVO platform, our Discord server is a bustling community of entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, and more. It’s not just another networking hub; it’s a dynamic ecosystem designed to foster collaboration, learning, and growth.
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