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At DEVO, we envision a collaborative ecosystem where individuals, investors, entities, companies and community partners come together to nurture innovation and empower entrepreneurs.

Partnering with us not only aligns you with a transformative cause but opens doors to a vast network of visionary minds and potential opportunities.

Entry-Level Partnership

Ideal for small businesses or local organizations seeking initial exposure in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


  • Logo placement on DEVO’s website and select digital materials.
  • Access to the DEVO community for market research purposes (in forums/discussions/discord with all members)
  • Opportunity to sponsor a single DEVO event or webinar.
  • Regular updates on DEVO’s activities and impact.

Starting at 1.000€

Intermediate Partnership

Ideal for growing businesses or regional organizations looking for deeper engagement with the DEVO community.


Includes “Entry-Level Partnership” benefits plus

  • Enhanced logo placement, including on social media and event banners.
  • Opportunities to co-host webinars or workshops.
    Access to targeted marketing campaigns within the DEVO community.
  • One dedicated email campaign to DEVO’s audience.
  • Inclusion in DEVO’s quarterly partner spotlight feature.

Starting at 2.500€

Become a Partner

We are always open to initiating dialogues with organisations interested in supporting the DEVO mission.
Your partnership can play a pivotal role in enhancing our platform and the value we offer to our community.

Get in touch with us now to get that grind!

  • Express Interest: Fill out our Partnership Inquiry Form to express your interest.
  • Connect: Reach out to us via our Contact Page for any queries regarding partnerships.
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